Camping Lipno Modřín
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Lipno.card - a guest card charged with special offers


Lipno.card − a loyalty card crammed with benefits and tips that will change your stay in Lipno into a holiday with tons of fun. The card is free of charge; only a refundable fee of CZK 100 is required. The card must be activated by matching it with your registration on For stays from 5 nights in Camping Lipno Modřín, you will get 2 hours free in Aquaworld Lipno, and stays from 6 nights are rewarded with a free entrance ticket to the Treetop Walkway. So why don’t you pack up your sleeping bag and mess kit and take Lipno by assault!

* one entrance ticket per 2 paying persons

Where will I get the card?

  • Upon your arrival at Camping Lipno Modřín

How can I activate the card?
It is easy. Simply go to, where you will create your registration account. Match your card to your account using a “WTP number” - the 14-digit number on the back of your card.

Why should I get Lipno.card?

- You will receive tips for unforgettable experience at bargain prices:

  • 20% off bike rental INTERSPORT Rent Lipno
  • 20% off electric and engine boats
  • 20% off Aquaworld Lipno
  • 20% off Bikepark Lipno
  • 20% off Rope Park Lipno
  • 20% off Inline skates
  • 20% off rental of sailing boats in INTERSPORT Rent Kapitanát
  • 20% off rental of waterborne vessels in INTERSPORT Rent on the beach
  • For a five-night stay, you will get 2 hours FREE in Aquaworld Lipno for 2 persons
  • For a six-night stay, you will get free entrance tickets to the Treetop Walkway Lipno for 2 persons

* Discounts are valid only for persons accommodated in Camping Lipno Modřín

Can the card be returned?
Yes. Lipno.card can be returned at the ticket offices of Skiareál Lipno, where you will receive the refundable deposit of CZK 100.00 upon returning your card.

However, we recommend retaining the card, especially if you go to Lipno several times a year and also in winter. Your Lipno.card serves as a skipass in winter and can be used for buying and uploading of skiing tariffs from your home at reduced prices, without having to wait at the ticket office. 
Your account in the Lipno.card programme is not cancelled if the card is returned; the account therefore remains active.