Camping Lipno Modřín
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Camping Lipno Modřín


Due to its location, the camp Lipno Modřín is suitable for families with children, groups of athletes, schools and corporate events. The camp is located on the coast of the Lipno lake at bicycle and in-line skating track at the centre of all activities in Lipno. In addition, you will receive a guest card - Lipno.card - with a lot of advantages.

Besides the campsite´s modern facilities, you can also admire the magnificent nature of the Šumava Mountains and choose from the wide offer of leisure time and sports activities provided by Lipno Active Park. More information

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Tips for you:

- Try various forms of living and experience a romance directly at the lake Lipno

- Only here you can live in real yurts, which are objects of great interest in recent time

- Family Outwell tents offer a comfortable living place

Accommodate in our traditional or unusual types of an accommodation


You will experience a romance in Mongolian yurts. Our comfortable tents of Danish manufacturer Outwell brings a modern way of family camping.



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