Accommodation Rules of Camping Lipno Modřín

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hereinafter as the “Accommodation Rules”

Camping Lipno Modřín (hereinafter as the “Campsite”) is operated by the business company LIPNO SERVIS s.r.o., having registered office at Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou, Company ID No. 26016885, registered with the Regional Court in České Budějovice, File No. C 9229 (hereinafter as the “Operator”). These Accommodation Rules form an integral part of the Accommodation Contract. Each guest must read these Accommodation Rules no later than when signing the Accommodation Contract and is obliged to observe the same.

  1. The Accommodation Rules for the Campsite apply to the space allocated for tents, caravans, motorhomes, and accommodation units (yurts) in the area of the Campsite. The Campsite plan is displayed at the reception desk, located at the entrance to the Campsite, and it is also available on the website

  2. Only persons who duly check in the reception located at the entrance to the Campsite, submit an identity document and pay the accommodation fee (hereinafter also referred to as the “Guests”) are allowed to stay in the Campsite.

  3. The accommodation fee must be paid before the stay in the Campsite starts; if the stay is extended, the Guest is obliged to report this on the last day of the stay paid for at the Campsite reception and pay the fee for extended accommodation. The conditions of payment of the advance payment of the accommodation fee and cancellation conditions are regulated in the Terms and Conditions of Camping Lipno Modřín, which are available on the website:

  4. In a visible place on his/her tent / motorhome / caravan / car, Guests are obliged to place a label indicating the length of stay and the number of the pitch or accommodation unit for which the accommodation fee has been paid. At the end of his/her stay, the Guest must return the label to the reception.

  5. At request, Guests must present a proof of payment of the accommodation fee to staff members authorized by the Operator to conduct checks; these staff members may include the Operator’s employees or employees of persons authorized by the Operator to perform checks over the compliance with the Accommodation Regulations, order, and safety in the Campsite (hereinafter as a “Staff Member authorized by the Operator to perform checks”).

  6. If the Guest arrives at the Campsite by his/her own car / motorhome, the Guest is obliged to place - in a visible place (behind the windscreen) - a Campsite entry card, provided to him/her upon payment of the accommodation fee.

  7. ONLY ACCOMMODATED GUESTS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER AND USE THE CAMPSITE, under the condition that the Guests are not germ-carriers or infected with infectious or parasitic diseases or who are not required to have increased health surveillance or quarantine. Before the stay in the Campsite begins, persons who wish to stay in the Campsite are obliged to prove to the Operator that they meet valid conditions set forth by the competent authority of the Czech Republic regarding the presence of accommodation services establishments.

  8. Unless otherwise provided for the period of stay, the check-in for accommodation in accommodation units (yurts) is from 14:00 hours (2 p.m.). Guests must leave the accommodation unit on the last day of their stay by 10:00 hours (10 a.m.), restore the unit to the original condition and return the key to the reception. If guests fail to meet this deadline, the Operator has a right to charge an accommodation fee for another day.

  9. For guests staying in their own equipment (tents, caravans, cars, motorhomes, minibuses, etc.), the end of stay on pitches A, B, C is valid until 12.00 pm and on pitches D until 15.00 pm on the last day of stay. If Guests fail to comply with this deadline, the Operator has a right to charge an accommodation fee for another day.

  10. Guests who have rented a pitch in sector A, B or C of the Campsite, may use only the pitch allocated to them at the Campsite reception and must not freely change the place of their stay without the Operator’s consent.

  11. Tents can be put up and cars, motorhomes and caravans may be parked by Guests only in the allocated Campsite areas – “D” pitches.

  12. Guests are obliged to take care to ensure cleanliness and order, especially as regards the sanitary facilities; municipal waste may be placed only in containers in the allocated places and waste must be sorted.

  13. In special cases, the Operator may provide Guests with accommodation different from that confirmed in the binding order, under the condition that the new accommodation does not deviate from the order to a considerable extent. 

  14. Guests are liable for damage caused to the Operator’s property in accordance with legislation of general application.

  15. Night curfew must be observed from 22:00 to 07:00 hours (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.).

  16. Fires may be made only in designated areas.

  17. It is strictly forbidden to bring glass to the beach and pollute the beach area and water.

  18. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the safety of their children during their stay in the Campsite, including sports grounds.

  19. Dogs and other animals must be on a leash and under supervision of their owners in the entire area of the Campsite! It is strictly forbidden to walk dogs throughout the Campsite.

  20. Alcoholic beverages must not be consumed excessively in the Campsite and psychotropic substances must not be consumed in any quantities. Chemicals and explosives must not be brought to and handled in the Campsite.

  21. No areas in the Campsite constitute a guarded carpark. Cars and other means of transport located within the Campsite are not guarded. Camping Lipno Modřín is not liable for any damage or theft hereof.

  22. The Operator is not liable for any money, ID documents or other valuables not deposited for the Operator’s safekeeping.

  23. Maximum speed of vehicles in the Campsite is 15 km per hour.

  24. All Guests as well as other persons staying in the Campsite must comply with Fire Alarm Guidelines of the Campsite. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to make fire in all accommodation premises and building interiors.

  25. Every Guest acknowledges that for the purpose of protecting property, safety and movement of persons and avoiding theft or damage, the Campsite is monitored by the Operator’s camera system. Before entering the Campsite, Guests acknowledge that they may be monitored by the above camera system, which consists in taking and possibly also processing of photographic and video recording documentation.

  26. The Accommodation Rules are binding on all Guests and other person staying in the Campsite. Anyone who breaches the Accommodation Rules may have his/her stay terminated with immediate effect and will be banished from the Campsite by a Staff Member authorized by the Operator to perform checks, without any refund. A vehicle belonging to the offending person will be towed away from the Campsite at that person’s expenses. If the Operator’s equipment is damaged or destroyed, the amount corresponding to the actual damage will be recovered from the offending person. Greenery within the Campsite must not be damaged, freely altered or otherwise handled.

  27. If a Guest terminates his/her stay early, the Operator shall return a pro-rata amount of the accommodation fee for an unused period of stay only if the Guest submits a medical certificate, showing that the stay has to be terminated early for the reason of sudden illness or injury.

  28. The Campsite may be entered by Guests in cars with a valid entry card. Guest will receive a chip to operate the entrance and exit gates. The control chip is issued against a refundable deposit of 100 CZK, which the guest will receive back after returning the chip and presenting proof of payment of the deposit at the reception. The chip must not be misused to allow the entry for vehicles that are not registered at the reception and have no valid entry card.

  29. On concluding the Accommodation Contract, Guests acknowledge that the following data will be scanned by the Operator from the Guests’ ID Card or Passport - these data are machine readable data in the following extent: name, surname, date of birth, number and type of identity document, validity of ID document. The guest also acknowledges that the accommodation provider will require the following type of personal data - permanent address. In the case of a guest's request to register for the Lipno.card loyalty program, the type of personal data processed for this purpose is also the guest's email address, which the guest provides at the start of their stay at the campsite. The personal data are obtained for the purpose of their processing in accordance with the established contractual relations (Accommodation Contract) and the Operator’s statutory obligations. Guests further acknowledge that under Cl. 29, personal data shall be transferred and processed in the following structure: name, surname and car registration number, as appropriate (when the Campsite is entered during the reception closing hours - between 20:00 and 08:00 hours (8 p.m. and 8 a.m.).

  30. The Operator shall process personal data (especially the types of personal data indicated in Clause 29 of the Accommodation Rules) of natural persons regarding Guests - natural persons, and other persons involved in the communication of the contractual relationship, specifically for the purposes consisting in the provision of goods and services, for communication of the Operator’s commercial information*, for presentation and promotional activities*, for protection of rights*, internal administrative and statistical purposes* and for performance of statutory obligations... An objection against filing the processing marked with * may be sent to the email address Details of processing of personal data as well as rights of Guests, such as the right of access and the right to lodge an objection, are specified in the Privacy Notice disclosed publicly on our company’s website: The Operator further declares that the Guest’s personal data may be processed by the Operator’s sub-processors, for the exclusive purpose of and in connection with the performance of the Accommodation Contract, and the Operator is responsible for such processing and has adopted sufficient safeguards to minimize any risks ensuing from the loss or misuse of Guests’ personal data. These sub-processors include, in particular, providers of security services, information systems, cloud services and IT operations.

  31. Guests acknowledge that during various cultural and social events held in the Campsite, photographs or visual and audio recordings may be taken by the Operator or the Operator’s supplier (hereinafter as the “Recordings”) depicting Guests or visitors to the Campsite. These Recordings are procured by the Operatory for the exclusive purpose of promoting the Operator’s activities, solely on the websites,,,,,,,,, and for Facebook profiles;;, as well as for printed information materials issued by the Operator for the aforesaid purpose and distributed to third persons. The list of information materials where Recordings may be published is available for perusal from the Operator’s Marketing Department. If you require that any particular photograph should be removed, please contact our Marketing Department at the email address:

  32. The guests staying at the campsite acknowledge that the stay at the campsite may include, through registration, creation of a virtual account and uploading of the relevant codes to the Lipno.card loyalty program and the personal data provided by you to the Operator, related and discounted accompanying services for the guest staying at the campsite. This includes, but is not limited to, services related to access to the swimming pool within the Lipno site, discounts on rental fees and other ancillary services of the Operator where it operates its business. By registering for the Lipno.card loyalty programme, your personal data necessary for the processing for the purposes set out in Article 29 of the Accommodation Regulations is processed.

  33. Guests acknowledge that they have the option to use their virtual Lipno.card loyalty program account after their stay at the campsite is over. Through your virtual Lipno.card loyalty account, we can inform you about our latest news and events not only at our campsite but also at our other facilities, and we will be happy to inform you about news about our other activities. More information about the Lipno.card loyalty programme and the processing of your personal data can be found on our website in the Personal Data section, specifically at
  34. If a consumer dispute arises from the Accommodation Contract between the Operator and a consumer, and that dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the consumer may lodge a motion for out-of-court settlement of the given dispute with the competent authority for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, i.e. the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Central Inspectorate – ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, Email: (, website: ( Consumers may use the online dispute resolution platform, established by the European Commission at the address:

  35. These Accommodation Rules are valid from 01 April 2022.

  36. The Operator reserves the right to change these Accommodation Regulations. Changes become effective on the day of disclosure.